Tools of the Trade

Over the next few posts, I  want to share some of my “tools” that I use for my various crafts and maybe do some little reviews of them just because I love the things I use and I feel I need to share that love.

So, to kick start this, let me introduce you to my main 2 sewing tools; my sewing machine and my overlocker!

Now, I’ve only actually had this machines since December (when my lovely other half and wonderful parents bought me them as presents for my birthday – I really am a lucky girl). However, I’m pretty sure if these machines had odometers, you’d know that whilst they’ve only been with me a short time, they’ve done a lotta miles already!


So these beauties are both Janomes. Part of this is because there was a deal from the Janome brand which worked out to be extraordinary value, and partly because whilst I love Singers, I find you may a bit of a premium for the brand. I know there are a few other brands out there as well, but Janome and Singer are what I am most familiar with so I felt it was a necessity to stick with something familiar.

The Janome TXL607 is a computerised machine, which I never thought I would bother with, but I am SO glad I have it. It makes sewing bliss. You don’t have to fiddle around adjusting stitch length and width anywhere near as much, as the preset stitches have the length and width preset for you as well, although you have the option to adjust them as you require for the task you’re working on. I love the fact that I can also do lettering and numbers with the machine, and there’s a ridiculous number of buttonhole stitches. I mean seriously, who needs that many buttonhole types?!

The 8002D overlocker has also been a God-send. Again, it was something I liked the idea of but never thought I would actually bother with, but I now couldn’t be without it. It just makes EVERYTHING so much easier. I made a pair of leggings recently in half hour. Most of that time was cutting out time.  Then it was just whizz up one leg, whizz up the other and whizz round the crotch (I hate the word crotch but there’s not avoiding it in sewing sometimes – ergh!)

Both of these machines can be purchased through Amazon and the likes, but I am a big firm believer in supporting local businesses with these. You usually don’t pay much different, and if you’ve got a good local supplier (which I presume you’d only be shopping there if they are good) then they can help you SO much in the after process. I bought mine from my local sewing shop, and I’m SO glad I did, because the first time I had to rethread my overlocker, I got in such a pickle, so in the end I went back into the shop with it and had a bit of 1 to 1 time on how to rethread it and then how to do rolled hems and narrow hems as well. It was a blissful experience.