So alongside sewing and general crafting, I’ve also got into the habit of running twice a week with a friend. We usually run in the region of 5km each time now which is quite satisfying to be able to say.

There was a time not that long ago though where I thought I would never be able to run unless in an emergency. Quite often with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome it is recommended you stay away from high impact sports. And it was even before I got my diagnosis that I was warned away from high impact sports.

When I was between 14 and 16 I used to suffer with regular subluxation of my right knee. I was put in physio. I ended up on crutches for a while. I had to stop trampolining and in turn also had to stop doing my GCSE in physical education  (I was not upset about that last bit. My school was a sports college and PE GCSE was required, this got me out of it perfectly). 

I also had a physiotherapist tell me I was lazy. That my knee kept trying to pop out because I was too lazy to keep it in place. That was hurtful. And then I got told by a doctor that I should not do high impact exercise.

Well, tell me not to do something and after a while it becomes all I want to do. About 4 years ago I started to look at runners with envy. I so wanted to know how it felt to just go and pound the streets when you had a bad day. How it felt to realise that you had run X distance without stopping. How it felt to know that in a situation I could run for long enough. 

I gained some weight and I hated it. So I began to exercise. The crosstrainer at the gym. Swimming. Weights. Pilates.  I realised my body was getting stronger. I tried to run down our garden path a couple of times – something that used to result in a jolted ankle or pain in my foot or twisted knees… and it didn’t hurt. So slowly I increased. And then I went for a run on my own.

That was it. I was hooked. And now I run twice a week pretty much every week. I moan about the prospect of running. I moan whilst I’m running. I moan that I’m tired when I finish running. But I love it. 

To be perfectly honest I love running so much that despite having walked 5 miles in London the other day and being absolutely shattered; I still came home and ran nearly 3.5 miles (or roughly 5.5km) and if that doesn’t show a dedication to a good run, I don’t know what does.