Make Your Own

As part of my continued series of my favourite tools, I thought I’d include one that isn’t so much a tool as a useful item. But it is one that I have crafted myself… my pin bowl.

What’s a pin bowl I can imagine you asking? Well, I’m not a fan of a pin cushion just because when I take pins out as I’m sewing, I don’t want to have to look at pushing the pointy end into the cushion, and making sure it’s in enough to stay put. I used to throw them on the side and then try and sweep them back into their box when I was done. The amount of times one would somehow escape and later end up in my foot was ridiculous. So I decided to make a solution.

On Pinterest I’d seen this button bowl design….


There’s a few different how-tos that most involve using PVA and sticking around a bowl or balloon. I didn’t have any PVA to hand, but I wanted to do it and I had gotten a large selection of beautiful mini wooden buttons. So I decided to grab my glue gun and make my own.


This was the result of a couple of evenings’ work with time snatched here and there to get it done. It works perfectly for what I need and I like the cute factor of it when I leave it on the side. Plus I can throw my pins in as I sew and they fall down to the middle. When I’m all done I just pour them back into their box and it’s all done.

On my agenda to make this year to make my sewing life easier is a thread catcher. There’s a few different templates on Pinterest, but I’ve got to pick some fabric out as well, and we all know how difficult it can be to pick fabric for a particular project!