I Will Cut You

I love sharp things. I’m a bit obsessed with them. I love cutting stuff. I love the tools for cutting stuff. It’s probably a bit of an unhealthy obsession, but there you go.

It actually takes quite a lot of restrain for me to limit the number of cutting tools I own, as I try not to be over the top, and I know I can only use one at a time. So, due to this *slight* obsession, I thought I’d share my main 3 pairs of scissors. This is a set that I am always looking to add to and improve on, but these are my current top three…


So, first up, we have my dressmaking shears from John Lewis. I asked for these for a Christmas/birthday a few years ago and they are still going strong. They beautifully heavy and slice through the fabric with ease. The angle of the handle makes it easy to keep the bottom blade down and almost glide your hand through. These are banned from being used on anything other than fabric, and that offence is punishable by death in my opinion!
You can buy your own pair here.

The middle pair are another John Lewis set of embroidery scissors. They’re small size and sharp point makes them perfect for trimming down threads right close to the fabric. These little beauties have done me well, but are unfortunately due for a trade in soon as I have accidentally damaged the tip when I was a bit too care-free with my tools. Oops! I’ll be replacing them with another pair of the same though!

Finally we have my standard boring used for everything scissors. I think I got these from Ikea or Dunelm as part of a set. I can’t really remember, but boy are they sharp. I keep these lovelies for cutting my patterns and tape and general snipping. Every good seamstress should have a pair of bog standard scissors for cutting paper, as for some reason paper blunts the blade. I never like to pay too much for my paper scissors, but these one have done me proud so far!

These are my top 3. I do have some other cutting tools that I’ll be sharing, but I thought I’d cover my regularly used ones first!

What are your favourite cutting tools?

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