The First Blog is The Hardest

It has to be said, I always find the first post the hardest, but here we are.

I’m not a big one for introductions so I’m not gonna go for “Hi, my name is Kathy, I’m this age, these are my labels, blah blah blah”. Nope.

Instead, I’ll do a quick boring list of what this blog will be about, for me anyway, and you’ll get to know me along the way through my posts I hope. Oh, and I should probably cover it off with a small warning; I like to swear. I used to edit it out, thought it didn’t really “have a place” if you’re trying to keep a blog, but then I realised that if I want my blog to reflect me and who I really am, then I need to stop trying to “edit” myself to what I think others expect of me.

Anyway, things you can expect to hear more about from me until you get bored…

  • Sewing – I’m not amazing at it, and I’m mostly self-taught, but I love it and it makes me happy.
  • Knitting – who doesn’t love a bit of this grandma hobby!
  • Crafting generally – hand me a glue gun or some spray paint and I’m pretty much in my element
  • Quackers Home – this is my little sideline business that I do mostly for fun. I makes bath products and homewares, and my Dad makes wooden items that I sell as well through my Facebook page. Go check it out here.
  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – I suffer with Type 3 – Hypermobility. It’s known as a rare disease, often takes years to get diagnosed and has a fair old impact on my life. Within this you’ll hear me talk about the spoon theory and zebras quite a lot.
  • DUCKS – finally; I confess; I have an obsession with rubber ducks. I have over 100 of the things in all different makes and styles. To say I’m obsessed is bordering on an understatement.

There’s not much else really to say at the moment. I’ll try to use decent clear categories as we go along to make it easy for you to follow the stuff you want, and avoid the stuff you don’t and we’ll see how it goes from there.


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